Thursday, May 5, 2011


The other day while I was at the hair salon, getting my much needed shameful tongue lashing from my hairstylist as to why I wait so long to get my hair done pep talk. Todd took Morgan out to get my Mother's Day gift. She had been telling me all day long how it is a secret that she was going shopping with Todd to get me something. She also reminded me time and time again that I could not ask her what it was and would end the statement with "alright?" as if I didn't understand, that asking her would result in me not being surprised.
It amazes me as the peak age of four Morgan would have such a motherly personality. Not a day goes by that I hear myself coming out of her mouth. Phrases like "do you really think that is necessary?" "just so you know this is very delicate" or the "aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhh" sound of frustration the sigh of anger! She is always reminding me that I should pick up clothes or wash my hands after going to the bathroom. What have I created??
Happy Mother's Day to all you moms who have the most adorable kid(s) like mine!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A year, really?

It has been quite sometime that I have even attempted to write here, writers block perhaps, or maybe no time. So much has happened in a year, new love, new house, new family, new car, my girl turning 4, wow I need to start writing these things down. Where should I begin how about here like now and then digress as I go, ready? ok here goes................
Currently A Mom and Her Girl is living with A Man and His Boy, oh I feel a title change coming on. We are all adjusting pretty fine, with the what I call normal transitions a blended family could expect I guess or at least what I call normal considering my upbringing. It is so different raising a child when you have a partner, something I am experiencing for the first time.
In a year it has taken me sometime to get used to the fact I have someone who is willing to take care of my girl while I am needing that Mommy down time. In the beginning I was apprehensive to say the least not wanting to take advantage of my new love, but he is more than happy to give up his time to spend time with my girl. They have a bond now one that I hope and know will only grow and I know he will be a great example of how a little girl should be loved.
We have been in our new place for over a year now and it still feels like a new place but with an old feel, it is comfort, it is where we hang our hat along with our clothes, shoes, toys, and stuff. Oh the stuff! It feels like I have been purging for a year with nothing to show but room for no more stuff!! Our home is where love resides with our stuff and that is all that matters to me, I can't imagine where I love to be more.
The wonderful man in my life has earned a nickname as Hot Toddie, or my Todder (as Morgan refers to him). Todd has brought more to my world than I ever thought or expected to have if I ever wished on the brightest star. Besides my lil' girl he brings me a feeling of "love" and self-worth. More on him later.
I guess you can say there is a new spark to start writing again, after a year hiatus this should make for some interesting reading to come.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Back on the Horse

I need to get back on track. The track I was on before I gained 20 pounds then got pregnant gained another 20 pounds, only to lose 20 then now really want to lose 15 or 20 more to be happy with myself. I can't seem to get back to that place where I would go to the gym, drink lots of water, so much water a fish would be jealous, and be able to walk stairs without being winded. I know I have a toddler and she keeps me busy believe me, but the energy at the end of my day is nill. How can I get back to the mind-set of feeling good about my body? I guess most of the time being a working mom I feel guilty putting aside the extra hour for me at the end of the day because I want to spend it with my daughter. I am not a real early riser so getting into a routine in the morning may not work, nor do I like the idea of working out at the end of the day after I put her to bed. So where do I begin, with what will-power can I give myself that will make me feel good about taking time to get in shape?